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    Pras Chau

    I have purchased your software “LinkedIn Marketer PRO” but found issues that need to fix.

    1. Email Extractor functionality is completely broken.

    2. same behavior of search has been found for Companies, Group and EDU

    3. Proxys section functionality need to improve as it’s taking long time to check proxy……look like proxy verification process takes time.

    4. I had found sometimes application is crashing as well, what we need to do in that case, please suggest.

    5. Does this software extract email address of respective group administrator inside any column, looking for this functionality on high priority?

    still lots of minor bugs are there, I will suggest those after you fix the above on high priority.

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    1.- We know that, but that was a problem with the collaborative coding on the new JV. We are fixing that to scrape thousands of emails on 1 row.

    2.- It was working better on the past version? The Lead scraping?

    3.- We will digg into this issue.

    4.- Can you replicate a crash screen recording? It will be easier for us to track it as a bug. Upload to any cloud link like dropbox or snag it screencast. Post the link on a thread on Bug tracking.

    5.- We Need to digg into this, in order to find how to get Group admin email address. You can help finding us spot the process to get it. We will just add an iteration to the algorithm to achieve this.

    We really appreciate your commitment with this software.
    Your actions in this community will open you doors for free access and tester of many of hour upcoming softwares.

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