What is Marketing Mall and What can you find in here?

Marketing mall is your best option when it comes to optimizing Marketing Tasks, you will find plenty of Social Network Bots, Email Extractors, Data-Miners, Crawlers, Marketing Graphics (separated by category), Newsletter Templates, Squeeze Pages, Copywriting templates, Legal Documents and everything you need to thrive on your job or with your company.

We will start working on PPC Courses, also video tutorials and webinars on how to use our softwares like a boss.

robothelperAutomation has come to rescue your Marketing Efforts!

We are a community of individuals with one purpose in mind, never stop learning to achieve the peace of mind of not having to worry about money or Marketing tasks. We constantly code tools for marketer around the world and accept ideas from all our Premium members.




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Everything is included with the monthly membership. We will be increasing monthly prices when we reach goals.

Help us helping you and we will thrive together.

Struggling on your Marketing campaigns? Here, grab some freebies. Its on the house:

Godaddy Domain Auction Scraper

This is something that might be useful for you. We will integrate domain full SEO and Social share analysis on the next version.

Filter domains in many combinations and discover the power of batch grabbing a list of available domains.


Link & Grow

The newest of a JV software, everything is legit to scrape data for all the startups. No more DMCA and other issues about networks applying restrictions. You can get many leads for profiles, companies, schools from many sources like Linkedin, Yelp, Angel.co and more to be added. Also you count with tools like Mass Emailer and Mass Messenger.


Linkedin Email Extractor

You will be able to grab emails from certain keyword patterns on different networks and search engines. Let our magic crawler do this job and grab a cup of coffee, when you come back you will have hundreds of emails on your list. Ready to be added as contacts.

Enjoy this freebies and involve in the Marketing Mall project.


Do you find it difficult to get all of your marketing tasks done every day?


Do you have too many other things to juggle on a daily basis – including your family, your hobbies and your other responsibilities?


The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali

robothelpingYou know that marketing is very important, but you just don’t have the time to invest in it that you need to be successful. What if there was an easier way?

Here at Marketing Mall we offer a wide range of tools that will help you on all of your marketing efforts, from social network automation to data-mining and much more. We believe that marketing and networking is absolutely crucial for entrepreneurs, so our goal is to make it as easy as possible to complete these tasks.

Join our community and find relief from all of your digital media marketing headaches… we have all of the tools you need to make business so much more simple.

Latest Updated Softwares

FIVERR1This is one of our latest and earliest solutions to the biggest problem we had. Executing projects and using fiverr as a man power resource. Its very important to work smart and not hard in order to achieve your goals.

This software will simplify your tasks and order how you could use and squeeze the best out of fiverr thanks to automation algorithms.

Also you should take a look before we close sits on it for the first stage..

We are working on the databases that will allow you to manage multiple accounts on a profile visitor, messenger and so on. Add your accounts, schedule your campaigns and let it all out working on a VPS. Simple as that. We have a compromise with all our founders and soon you will find more about.

adwords1Here you can set a list of keywords, you can target any local results, like for example:
– Flowers San Francisco
– Flowers Chicago
– Flowers Dallas.

Then you can go ahead and spy on the realtime ads for competition.

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We do not offer re-funds on this membership. (Buy apart if you want out 7 days re-fund policy).

Limited Only for the first 50 Premium Members

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A private network full of people with character to thrive.

Its just nut an option to not achieve what we want. We will go through failure times, but thats a very good way of learning for the future and apply what we learned. We are lions mainly because with Open Network and cause action on the world. We have that power united sharing knowledge and tools. This is Marketing Mall.


Active community of ideas brighting for better applications.


The engine of the ideas which drive to automation is constantly being upgraded.


Different kind of products to help you on marketing tasks


Be a premium user and download ALL our softwares FOR FREE!


Find tools that will save you HOURs of work.


Achieve your goals faster with the software we provide inside our community!

Premium Bundle Membership  for Direct access to download ALL Softwares, Marketing Graphics, Templates and more!

What you will get with the membership:

  • Automation softwares for Lead Generation.
  • Automation softwares for Social Network’s estimulation.
  • Software’s for monitoring stats on social networks.
  • Software’s for increasing views, visits and more.
  • Marketing Graphics in Ordered Categories.
  • Marketing templates for Copy writting, letters and sales letters.
  • Email Marketing Newsletters templates.
  • Video Tutorials and Webinars that will teach you many things about the Internet Marketing world.
  • Sell your services on the community directory.
  • Forums, Q&A, Directory for many programs that will make your Marketing efforts easier.


  • We add new assets and softwares every month.
  • Free updates for all the softwares.
  • Community Support for all the assets.
  • Updates on video tutorials for new features or changing features of social networks and websites.
  • Step by step we give you guidance on how to thrive in the Internet Marketing world, wether you are using PPC campaigns, Affiliates, Selling products, Adsense, Traffic Generation, etc.

This is the first generation call, we will only accept 50 members for $28.95 USD per month.

After this, we will increase 50% for the second generation of 100 members and so on. So hurry up and reserve your spot.


We will stop offering individual access for products on the community. This is for protecting the software to overload usage that might cause networks to patch it, which that means that we will need to update over and over the methods of the system. This is why we are limiting to counted members.

compatibleOur software is compatible with windows environment. We are currently working on develop cloud operation. In the meantime if you have Linux or MAX you can install a copy of VirtualBox (free) and install a Free XP Windows instance to run it there. Also with a VPS you can set them and leave all day working.

If you have any question, do not doubt to ask on community. We will respond in less than 24 hours.


We do not offer re-funds on this membership. (Buy apart if you want out 7 days re-fund policy).


Limited Only for the first 50 Premium Members

43 left…

What we have inside our community?

We have put together many tools that will help you on all your marketing efforts, from Data-mining to social networks automation. We are constantly looking for ways on getting things done without violating any Terms of Service. Also we will be a secret area where the premium members will be able to access private softwares.

We have put together this tool to grab LION (Linkedin Open Networkers), people who share their email openly on their profiles. This means this people is wanting to make connection with other people just for fun and possible business.

Networking is one of the most important matter for an entrepeneur. This is why you can use this system, extract more than 1,500 emails in less than 5 minutes.

You can also use this to create Targeted audiences in the network, you can do any kind of search for patterns that you want.

We are integrating constantly this nice tool that will allow you to get targeted emails on any social network and website. The main purpose is creating targeted audiences with their emails.

You will also be able to get data from profiles from this emails eventually. It has by default the Twitter profile information grabber along with emails, also the about.me grabber.

We will constantly add new updates eventually with new profiles being able to scrape. Vote for the next one!

This item is the most extense we have coded. It has some state of the art algorithms that will bring you the world of business to your hand. We started from a humble beginning selling it for few dollars before starting investing more time on developing it.

Eventually, with every purchase, we started to invest more coding time into the tool. Sometimes we found we could use better methods and fixing painful bugs. This is a journey, jump into it.

Extract full profiles, usernames, tweets, add UIDs to Auto-follow list, Unfollow those who doesnt follow back, send mentions with custom tweets you prepare and more.

This tool is intended to  be updated eventually, it just handles 1 account per session. This make it a solid product with no dangers of being removed.

Facebook Sensei has been put together to grab UIDs from all the ways possible of Facebook. This will allow you to create Targeted Audiences really fast and save a lot on PPC Campaigns.

We have also integrated some automation functions for using new Facebook Graph. Expect new updates!

This is a powerful Youtube Rank Tracker, and YT SERP Spy tool, you can use it to grab data and position your videos better using data patterns as competitors. Download Youtube videos and mp3.

You will also be able to gather full youtube videos information to compare with others. Automate Youtube in a better way to estimulate your efforts and more upgrades on the cook.

We integrate best Real Estate websites so you can grab information from this websites and integrate to your project. Or either trace and research areas then you will be able to integrate it to a custom google map if you want. Get phones, emails, urls and more.

Our Active Community might solve your headaches

The plan of having this private network is that we will have Quality above Quantity. This same users will be the ones that make existing products even better eventually.

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Questions & Answers

You can find any information you need related to tools and methods. In the other way you can earn credit points here to open your way to getting free licenses on the community.



Forums are here to develop an open conversation between all the members. You can also sell your stuff and if approved, it can be part of the Marketing Mall central shop. You can also earn credit points to earn free licenses.


Bug tracking and Suggestions for upcoming upgrades

Bug tracking and good suggestions for future upgrades of software will be truly valorated, and if you do think about a bright idea and  you shared, you can earn tons of credits so you can claim your free licenses instantly.

Linkedin Grabber in LMP


This includes all our softwares which will include future updates. This price will be increasing when we add more features to all the softwares. Once you pay this, you wont pay more for future updates. But if you cancel your membership, next time you come back you will pay standard elevated price for this INSTANT ACCESS.


We do not offer re-funds on this membership. (Buy apart if you want out 7 days re-fund policy).


Limited Only for the first 50 Premium Members

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