facebook sensei

It is limited to only 100 spots for now. Reserve your sit now and start using it.

Why only 100 spots? We do this to make sure we can support all users and fix bugs, eventually we will be opening spots to it.
Let us explain you what this software does:

  • Grab UIDs from Facebook Graph Search
  • Grab UIDs from Events (Invited, Attending, Not attending)
  • Grab UIDs from Fanpages (People who liked a post, People who shared a post)
  • Grab Fanpage Image content (URL, Text and Image)
  • Grab Emails from specific searches.
  • When you have the UIDs you can Grab Graph open info for getting username@facebook.com emails to invite to groups.
  • Group inviter using this emails.
  • Soon more options.

Planned updates:

  • Add database for already extracted UIDs
  • Database for content and Image Downloading
    • You will be able to bulk watermark all downloaded images into folders.
  • Video Download from Facebook,Youtube,Metacafe and save it in a Queue folder to arrange post programming.
  • Comment UID grabber from Fanpages
  • Many more features to come.

How to use the Graph Search Grabber:

Sorry about low sound, next videos are ok


How to use the Event UID Grabber:

Mass Graph Grabber


facebook sensei update 06

You will be able to grab a mass number of UIDs from very specific search queries on the Facebook Graph.

Remember that when we reach 100 total clients we will close this application for sale for a while. Then we will open for the second generation and then we will charge the double.

Subscribe now, we implement all the suggestions eventually. You will have unlimited updates without paying more when we reach the top features.

Email Extractor:

facbeookemailextractorEmail extractor is very straight forward. You can experiment with many combination on Keyword, you can also   search for zipcodes. Make sure to add a plus sign “+” like:   Marketing + Chicago           Marketing + “123133”   for zipcode and much more combinations.

Reserve your spot now for only $39 USD and $7 USD monthly! Prices will increase considerably when we reach first 100 clients.


70 Sits left.


Update v0.6: (Perfect tool to mass graph UIDs from Graph search.)

  • We added a Mass Graph Search, you now collect massive amount of UIDs from a list of custom Graph Search.
  • It will also grab UIDs from Places specially from Likers from Places and Visits of Places.