How many hours you have lost finding the perfect freelancer that will respond the way you wanted. What about recruiting people for doing special gigs. Dont lose more time and use automation algorithms to grab, mass message and mass respond.

We are only going to accept 100 clients on this product.


You will be able to extract all the gigs and choose which of them you want to mass message.

Then with the mass messenger you can spin your message and reach all of them within minutes instead of hours of manually reviewing and applying. We consider this app a time saver for our agency, so we are very sure it will help you on your campaigns.




Then with the mass responder you might be able to respond to all the people that answered you back. Make sure to follow the instructions of using the stars to mark those important conversations



Sending mass responses will allow you to have a running process inside.


This is the first stage, we have this simple and powerful features, the spots are limited to only 100 subscribers.

Right now the price per month is $5 USD.  When the subscription reaches 100 sits, we will close them for a while, we will work on adapting many important and productive features that let you work on making your communication very efficient using fiverr.

When we launch the v2.0 we will be raising its monthly  price for $25 USD / per month. Thats when you value being a founder subscriber.

Future features:

  • Databases to store conversations based on categories or projects and keep track on them.
  • Smartsheets for project management and organizing those projects that need plenty of gigs and different workers.
  • Mass paying gigs for selected users along conversations.