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    I think you can improve the groups tab by:

    Offering a selection process to grab just UID’s from specific groups – either by the group ID or by a selection process (like a drop down from the groups you belong to)

    Having a Second Phase Process to get all leads from the Group

    so: “grab all UID’s” then “get all info from those profiles”

    This then should be savable in one click – not sure if you’ve used before, but they have a nice way of downloading datasets. You create a dataset by a query, then download everything it scrapes.

    I’d copy that!

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    Great share.
    We are working to have this working on v2.54
    Thanks for your idea!

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    Pras Chau

    Looking at this funtionality, I think software is only grabbing UID’s of people in group who had commented in Group before or they have added post, does it possible to grab UID’s of all members of any targeted group, I feel that is one of the important feature I am looking for………..

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    Hello Pras..
    We are currently working over API integration. We will be able to get valuable data from your developers capabilities.
    If you get an app key on Linkedin Developers, you will be able to use the big mounting chair of this great social network.
    We are rushing and this and other already founded projects.
    Eventually we will make this team bigger.

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