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    Before doing a proper lead generation campaign you should focus in a sequence.
    1.- Identify what kind of Leads you want, from which niche and purpose?
    2.- Once you identify, plan up a strategy for you campaign.
    3.- Use the Email Marketing tools and Direct Messages tools. (You can also do Group Broadcast).
    4.- Wait for the responses back and you will have generated a quality Lead.

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    Pras Chau

    I agree with you, but does it possible that we can able to extract email addresses of members as any specific group, when i had purchased long back that time you said that feature will come in v2.5 of LinkedIn Marketer PRO, but still looking for that feature.
    1. some groups may have 500 members
    2. some groups may have 5000 members
    3. some groups may have 50000 members.
    does it possible to extract email addresses of group having 5,00,000+ members as well, what’s you plan and strategy to make this happen?

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    Well, actually the main idea of this software is to extract LION’s emails. (Linkedin Open Networkers). They share their email on their profiles.
    We do a request as a Guest member on linked in, because if you request profile directly it may count as a visit and you will get restricted.

    Make sure to target directly, most of those people sharing their email its because they love to spot people wanting to grow with connections and exchange services somehow. Thats how LIONs behave.

    Be brave on losing some time meeting someone new and start a 5 min conversation. You might be doing business the next day. But how to detect true Lions?
    Thats a big question if you ask us.
    Marketing is like a Jungle, losing times scares us all. Go for the zebras, some books might say. But we go, like.. Go with the Lions. You will get fun and extend.

    This is something to extend this community idea.
    And for the GROUP Ids, we will add sequences to develop what you tell us.
    You have to tell us the sequence for each “function” that you want to add on it.
    You might suggest your ideas on forums, we will soon add an idea voting system, so good ideas generate income to brain stormers somehow.

    Stay in touch.

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