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    LinkedIn allows you to contact members you share a group with. When you do an advanced search, you can choose to only show people you share a group with resulting in a targeted group of individuals, all of whom you can email for free.

    LinkedIn Advanced Search

    In our testing, LinkedIn checks and often finds bots. To avoid detection you need the bot to act human. Make sure intervals between page turns are realistic and random – 5.15 second here, 4.73 there, 7.66 somewhere else.

    You can;t message more than 500 people a day as linkedin tracks page views and will temporarily block the account. (this is a safe figure, the actually figure is over 600, but is not the same every time so is hard to estimate).

    This means that for most users, leaving a bot running for 8 hours in order to simulate a human with slower page turns etc. is perfectly OK.

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    Thanks a lot for this share mate.
    Its a nice idea to be able to extract UIDs directly from Custom Searches.
    Also having a database to store and have all statistics and mappings for UIDs extracted.

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    This will be taken in count for the V 2.6
    We just launched 2.5 we will start working on the API version of this.
    All users that want to use API they will need to create a Linkedin API Key on Developers account. Its free and really easy.
    Just read:

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    Has this been fixed? I have never been able to get this feature to work.

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