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    Have trialled the software and despite it saying “profiles have been visited” I visited many profiles I have access to and none of them have shown as having been visited, so something clearly isn’t working.

    Didn’t get great support when tried requesting contact so will take a refund thanks.

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    Resolved, thanks.

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    The refund was applied.
    MichaelYork didn’t read or follow up the manual, which says the profile viewer might take 48-72 hours to reflect results on other profiles when visiting.
    Also on his logs he showed more than 100 profiles in less than 5 hours, he didn’t follow the guide.

    We are not going to tolerate customers not following previous guidelines.

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    Poor customer service and convoluted guide, didn’t even know what onboarding was! Anyway this guy is a dev and clearly not involved in customer service or support very often, my advice would be to get someone in that department who knows what they’re doing 🙂

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