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    The group scraping of UID’s is working, somewhat. Only about 230 users scraped from all of my 50 groups with thousands of members, so that has some problems. I have used 10 private proxies which should have scraped at least several thousand at minimum.

    The UID connection/invitation and messaging features are definitely not working.

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    Don’t worry about private proxys when you are inside your personal profile.
    About grabbing UIDs from groups, it will go through all the groups you belong and you have to add many loops inside the groups to grab more UIDs.
    We are making this option better so you can select which group you want to grab UIDs from. Also to which one you will send a broadcast.

    We are working constantly on developing this app, thanks for all the suggestions you have made to it.

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    Pras Chau

    Does it safe to burn our private proxies to scrape UID’s from Group?
    I think this part need to improve on high priority, I am agree with Taktikz, As we are having 50 groups but still application not able to scrape more than 500 UID’s and difficult to understand that UID’s scraped from which Group, please guide.

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    You don’t really need Private Proxys.
    Besides just increase the looping inside groups and it will go all the way to loop the # of times you set it up.
    If groups has few interactivity obviously it will grab less.
    If it aint really grabbing you need to make sure to screen record and explain in order to do bug tracking deeply. But the last time we tested this it was working perfectly.

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