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    rui ribeiro

    I got founder in a early stage,but never got acess to my downloads,also,linkedin marketer founder doesnt have updates for ages,whats going on friends.

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    I had the same problem, I had to email the developers to get a link to download 2.53 (A one – two week process). But to be honest, the software is nothing like what it used to be. I used the scraper to develop a list of over 2000+ potential connections/UIDs using the UID Grabber feature on the Browser Module. What can I do with all these awesome unique UIDs? Only Profile Visiting? Really guys? I remember when you had the original LIM and it would add the profiles to connections like that on the spot! I’ve went through almost every module in the current LIMPro 2.53 and haven’t found any feature I can really turn my UIDs into actual connections (OR EVEN EMAIL THEM FOR THAT MATTER!)

    I remember how I used to be getting over 200+ connections a day that transferred into leads. Now the software has been butchered and taken apart of all the features we’ve come to love.

    I wish the developers would stop trying to change the software every 2-3 months to “try” to make it better and instead addon more fees for their “bundle” projects and less support for us Lifetime Users.

    I was on Blackhat World and saw the developer mention everything will be fixed in 3.0 version of the software. But he also didn’t mention that lifetime users will also get the 3.0 version update because he’s working on a “Multiplatform” project for it. Which means us lifetime users will be forced to make a purchase of his monthly subscription or we won’t get the software that we tried to help begin.

    Here’s the message Rodvan left on BHW:

    Yes, tested it 2 weeks ago. Its working, also scraping. By the way, working my way to add subscription into a new multiplatform application. The 3.0 version comes soon. And it will hold data for you on the cloud. TO deploy in different devices and OS.
    Right now subscription is $28.95/month full access to all Marketing Mall software, and when we launch it will turn to $57 per month.

    It’s a little ridiculous and disheartening to support such a great piece of software just so it could be dissected into smaller pieces and sold off to the highest bidders. Come on guys just make the software work 100% and people will come to buy it!

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    We understand this frustration.
    We are looking forward to resolve all of this by doing a complete migration from .NET Framework 4.5 and use full NodeJS/Javascript to compile to multi platforms.
    Linux, Mac and Windows will be posible, also the CPU and RAM usage will no longer be a problem since we will be using Chromium.

    Another point to note is that if you realize we have launched a Premium Bundle to all the products, graphics, templates and custom software that you can request every month.
    This is because we are compromised with you Founders of Linkedin Marketer PRO.
    The extraction is limited due to a change of interface that was built when an attempt of a JV with another coder was made, but we saw everyone wanted to divide and multi operate extraction.
    So we are building everything up from ground to give you the best option.

    This is important, if you no longer are interest in priority on the multiplatform solution, just with you 2 guys its necessary so we work on a fix for the .NET Framework 4.5 platform.

    What do you say?

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    I’ve got a LinkedinmarketerPro founders license, and I’m disappointed there seems to be no further development happening. Development of the product was promised and it seems like it’s not going to happen.

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    We have opened a public trello:
    You can help us quicken this.

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    I’ve had a look, but can’t comment on anything – you need to actually invite us.
    Please look up the email in my profile and add me.

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    rui ribeiro

    and about the founders license mate,we got charged for it,that was the deal.Founders license was supposed to give us acess to all the tools,thats,why I purchase.

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    Hello Rui..
    No, we never said Linkedin Marketer PRO Founders License was for the Premium Bundle. Thats 2 different stages.
    You will access for lifetime updates for LMP, not the Bundle.

    @dreadedhamish we will send you invite to this email. We thought Trello would let you all edit.

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