Groupon Deals Extractor

Have you ever needed to put all deals on a SpreadSheet to analyze? Its a pain thinking all the time it might take, or the cost for virtual assistants.
Thats why have come with this great (and free) tool for automating this process.

This offer is only limited to #100 users that rush to download it.

When downloading for the first time you need to unzip everything into a folder and open the main file Groupon Lead Extractor. It will automatically prompt the license field in which you have to enter the email and the license which will get unlocked below.

Once you manage to open it, this is what you will see:


How to use it?

1.- First you will have to manually navigate and login to

2.- Then just perform the search you want to get all deals of.

Then follow this:

groupon lead extractor


Here is the download link:

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