Is a simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive features set

Fully Responsive Design


  • Connector.

    Become the next email service provider

    Offering tools that allows you to manage pricing plans, to integrate various payment gateways such as paypal, or to manage the orders and transactions for your customers.

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    Great Autoresponders

    If you need to follow up with your prospects after they signed up into your list, or after you've sent them a campaign and they've opened it then this app make this process extremely easy for you, from minutes to years, schedule your follow ups and get detailed stats just as you get for any other campaign.

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    Restful API and Webhooks

    Having an extraordinary powerful API system integration is a breeze. Remotely manage your subscribers, lists, campaigns and template using the API endpoints, easy, since we provide you a full featured API client(PHP-SDK). For easier integrations, you can trigger webhooks when your subscriber access your list forms and process their data in external website with ease.

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    Powerful extension/theming system

    This app has been design to be easily extended, and we mean it! Its powerful extensions and theming system allows you to alter the functionality in any way you like, thus creating unique features becomes a pleasure.

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    Fast Email Delivery / Parallel Sending at it's best

    We have specially designed a linux daemon that does parallel delivery in order to achieve extraordinary delivery speed for your campaigns. You can literally send tens of thousands of emails in just one hour with parallel delivery.

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    Extremely customizable list forms

    Don't get limited in designing your list forms, this app allows you to customize your lists form just as you want, you are 100% in control.

Powerful customer and backend area

  • Easy to create
  • Easy to use
  • Fast sending
  • Full reports

Smart import/export

Subscriber, lists, reports, stats

IP location services

Easily integrates multiple ip location services to give accurate statistics about your subscribers location

Campaign an email

Template testing

Unlimited lists

Unlimited lists and subscribers

Your lists always clean

Keep your lists clean with automatic bounce processing, blacklisting engine and feedback loop support.

Multiple languages

Easily translate into your own language with the help of a powerful translation and internationalization system