We are happy to let you all know that we have launched the final version for Linkedin Marketer 2. If you are already a customer and have any problem updating it as a blank window or something please let us know over out direct email sales@marketingmall.net


  • Totally Portable, Unpack it on an USB and use it everywhere.

  • Scrape thousands of profiles,companies,groups,edu URLs from linkedin on search engines.

  • Function for accepting all Invitations automatically.

  • Scrape all your connections.

  • Mass Message all (or selected) connections with spinned messages

  • Profile Visitor with random configurable times.

  • Option for random endorse profiles when you visit them while messaging.

  • Fake the 7 most used User Agents to get more requests from searches.

  • Scrape Proxys and Google verify them so you can use it massively with the keyword generator.

  • Add scraped contacts to your network using their email.

  • Save all data scraped into CSV or links to TXT

  • You can copy, paste, edit, delete the links datatables that pops up.

  • Mass join groups from your choice.

  • Mass post message (broadcast) to already joined and selected groups.

  • Logs to watch what the program is currently doing

  • Tooltips on each controls to explain uses of each buton, texbox, text area, etc.

Data extracted per:

  1. Profile:

    1. Profile pic URL

    2. Name

    3. Last name

    4. Position

    5. City

    6. Niche

    7. Last jobs

    8. Education

    9. Number of connections

    10. Email

    11. Phones

  2. Company

    1. Company name

    2. Company logo

    3. Description

    4. Address

    5. City

    6. State

    7. Zipcode

    8. Country

    9. Number of employees

    10. Type

    11. Niche

    12. Year created

    13. Website URLs

    14. Emails

  3. Groups

    1. Group ID

    2. Group Name

    3. Group logo

    4. Number of Members

    5. IDs Extracted from first pages of Group

    6. Date created

    7. Type

    8. Join Group URL

    9. Group URL

    10. Emails

    11. Phones

  4. EDU

    1. EDU Name

    2. Logo

    3. Numbers of Alumni

    4. Country

    5. Follow Link

    6. EDU Type

    7. Date of Linkedin EDU Creation

    8. EDU Website

    9. EDU Phone Number

    10. Address

    11. Public or Private?

    12. Emails