Profile Visitor:

  • Try to visit about a random number between 60 and 120 daily.
  • Choose your visits, do not visit people that you are not interested in, do you profiles wise search.
  • Dont abuse visiting, try to be organic, or leave days without doing operations.

Lead Grabber:

  • Use strategic keyword, zipcodes, city names, state names, company, etc. So you target precisely what you are ooking for.
  • You can use 4 threads for grabbing profiles, companies, groups and universities at the same time.
  • You can start marking checkboxes to add to database while leads are being grabbed. This will include the list into a database when you click Play on the Lead Deck tab.
  • When you EXPORT CSV Wait till all leads are finished grabbing because it will clear the table that you have to release internal memory.

UID Browser Grabber:

  • You are grabbing UID’s from Linkedin Custom search, so use it wisely, extract the ids and schedule to visit them.
  • You also can grab IDs from companies, groups and universities so we add later to database and process for scraping, in the meantime just Lead deck.


  • Dont make us remove this tool for some users and leave it only for founders. Its not intended to mass SPAM different emails, instead its made for mass contacting people in the same niche that you are trying to contact or recruit. Imagine that is your assistant.
  • We have blocked mailer for Companies, Groups or Universities. We might unblock it watching the reaction of people to this new tool. So you will only be able to recruit or send many questions to people in different areas to ask about something specific and with a strategy.
  • Please spin all your messages: Spinning means adding different random possibilities of message and make unique content so it’s not considered as repeating the same message over and over.
  • You can click on the button “manually verify emails” and copy all emails and paste in other doc, txt, or anywhere you like.
  • Make sure the emails grabbed for emailing are clean without [dots] or [at] or strange characters. Avoid a bounced email.

Mass Messages:

  • You can now use custom messages which starts with #@ and then the name of the variable:
    • #@message_name: The name of the person you are messaging.
    • #@message_industry: The industry the person is working.
    • #@message_company: company currently working on:
    • #@message_title: their current title.
    • #@message_location: City where they are located.
  • You can use spinned messaged to make an unique campaign and Linkedin dont detect that you are repeating over and over the same message to the number of IDs you select. Make it more organic. Or anyway, it can be copy paste.
  • You can go to the Settings tab and adapt Messenger minimum & maximum seconds.
  • Select Random UIDs means that you can randomly message your list of connections.
  • Randomly endorse profiles to watch if they answer if you endorse or not. ITs a social experiment to add. You rather endorse manually your preferred connections.


Next update:

  • Profile Leads that include emails are going to be automatically stored on the database with the name of the custom search campaign. This will allow you to send mails with custom variables like name, job, company, city, country, etc. That way you will make more sense on Email sending.
  • Ability to scrape data from your connections and create campaigns to assign UID’s to send message later in that campaigns, then store all the messages sent inside that same campaign.
  • Email spinned text templates for sending emails to different areas or for different tasks.
  • Statistics