Good news.

We have changed the way we will work now along with LION Marketer (LION = Linkedin Open Networker).
Why it is so special? Now you have memory to store all your actions within the system.
It has a Mailer, since this can be interpreted as a “spamming” tool, that is wrong. Use this wisely, don’t abuse on the minimum and maximum seconds of waiting on actions, and please try to spin all your messages and use custom variables. Yes, CUSTOM VARIABLES. You can now use them on the Mass Messaging  tool, we are adapting it to Leads scraped that have an email, so we can use custom variables of the info and direct contact profiles, companies and universities.

Obviously we rely on giving it for free to founders because they supported us before on a fixed price. For all new licenses this cost will increase to $350 USD for founders. Instead of $200 as it was costing.
Why almost the half? We want quality and not quantity of sales, since it now have the mailing tool. Which is not mass mailing, its strategic mailing.


This is going to get good. I remember when I started on Digital Marketing, I always wanted a tool like this, it would save me tons of time.



The targeted and dynamic searches can let you direct target even zipcodes!!



This is the Email Module. Its a module that its a game changer and you need to use it wisely. Im not responsible of being flagged as spammer. I prefer strategy over quantity. Make tests and see conversions.



Configure your email manually. If you want to try email sending from other domains, you will need to stop and update email configuration, then start sending again. This is to avoid abuse on this software.


We will soon upload this and update to a new model of software.

    • Email Marketing from extracted emails.
    • Lead extractions and schedule for later automated tasks.
    • ON / OFF buttons.
    • Status so you know what is going on.
    • Full Log of all important activities inside the operation into logs.txt file.
    • Storage of logs on Email Marketing.
    • Configuration ini file that stores your previous used settings on the campaign.
    • Loading grid from stored database.
    • Saving grid to database for later scheduling of activities.