We have been working on giving maintenance to all Premium Bundle apps.

For example, on Youtube Sensei the date-mining is not working any longer, this is because API v2 is “Not longer available” and this is a pain cause now we need API key in order to request data.

Well, as we told everyone, this is why we did Premium Bundle, we don’t want to sell to all the people the software because the methods later get patched. We prefer a “0-day” way of thinking into this, and in terms of “Grey hatting” which is considered kinda illegal to scrape data with Google or other search engines that scrape the web. The question is, Why can’t we scrape openly something that they do with all users?

Planned updates: (We will be marketing completed ones)

Youtube Sensei

  • Migrate API v2 youtube scraping into Browser scraping, that never fails, and if it does, we add a proxy rotator. (done)
  • Add the mass mp3 and video downloader for a list of results.
  • Datagrid to select scraped data and mark which ones to add to download queue.
  • Any know bugs for rank tracker?


Linkedin Marketer 2.6:

  • New Browser scraping for Search data that will only require captchas instead of proxys, also we added proxy support. (done)
  • We added data grid for extracted data. This way you can select which scraped rows you will add to message queue, visit queue and other processes.
  • New way of working, instead of processing a list of UIDs to visit, we are working on a “data eater”, it will go to database and request for profiles marked as unvisited and then process them to visit and mark as visited, this will allow to make a random processor for this and not limit functionalities or threads on the system.
  • By the way, now you can extract at the same time again, this feature is now on.


Facebook Sensei:

  • Find why the popup for shares and likes closes when you start grabbing UIDs.
  • Add special actions like Mass messaging Fan pages.