sitesSuperb Social Email Extractor is not another email extractor on the web. From the ground it is intended to gather emails for targeting audiences in a laser targeted way that noone could do. For example, lets see what facebook states about using emails on their ads. : Custom audiences allow advertisers to target their ads to a specific set of people with whom they have already established a relationship on/off Facebook. Audiences can be defined by either email address, Facebook UIDs, phone numbers, app user IDs, Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA), or Android’s advertising ID. When utilizing Facebook UIDs please ensure you comply with Section II of the Platform Policies.

So lets see how it works. Since it is using main search engines to gather patterns of precise data without violating Social Networks ToS, it will require captcha. Otherwise you can load your private proxys in order to have a smooth work on scraping. If you dont have Private Proxys, you can buy here: Else, you can use Decaptching services that you can configure inside the program:


There are 3 simple steps to start scraping on SuperB Social Email Extractor.

  1. Select which social network you want to scrape for emails. (Or now your custom URL).
  2. Choose your keywords wisely. line by line, separated by an {ENTER} and not leaving blank spaces.
  3. Select which kind of emails you want to get, you could do or, also focus on all the free emails out there as,, etc. Its your choice, just dont leave blank spaces.

When you fill this 3 steps just proceed to click START, then it will start grabbing emails. Click Edit Emails to edit what you have inside your list in order to save the txt all cleaned up. You can also add new rows or copy and paste to any text editor or Excel file right away.

The price of the product will increase on each update. So hurry up and grab yours for only $24 USD lifetime payment.