Thanks to such technologies for multiplatform compiling. We are going to launch more professional codes!

We no longer depend of other platforms that allowed fast deploying but limited usabilities. But coding from ground with NodeJS or Python might create the best for you.


This is a fact. This will allow us to use your computer resources instead of cloud resources. We are also integrating a login so you guys can enter to watch your purchased products. It will be more friendly.


By the way, we had 2 experiences with customers that are not reading manuals, they are commenting the documentation is too raw. Well, because we haven’t add more practical uses that doesn’t mean the tool is worthless. It depends on strategy of your search, remember to use operators such as “” + – site: etc, it would make it more robust for your campaigns. It is going to stretch to your needs of targeting to be precise.


Hopefully you all will get wondered by the reach of this such as we are going to start deploying extensions or just Desktop and Mobile apps that will resolve you one headache on every marketing need.