We have a little program that will make your life easier if you are video marketer that care about his own time.

We called this the Youtube Sensei, since its all based on the Youtube API, it will display up to 500 videos from each search with specific keywords. This is the version 0.5, we are planning to launch multithreaded searches to save automatically to a list with the keyword and the project folder.

Remember that if you buy now you will get unlimited updates on this tool, and its only $7 USD.


Planned updates:

  • Multithreaded for multiple keywords.
  • Google Keyword Suggestion
  • Integrated Local Database to store results and make comparisons between dates.
  • Graphics and statistics to display improvements.


BUY NOW for only $7 usd (the price will increase on newest versions) and get advantage of our unlimited updates for being one of the first clients.