Sometimes as a marketer you need to research your competition. Why? Because they have already payed for experience and developed many different strategies across the time of the campaigns. This campaigns are the ones that are positioning to the top nowadays because they have content quality, and more important: Optimized Texts according most searched keywords.

So if you are wondering if with this tool and the Keyword Suggestion tool you can make thousands of organic search views for your channel, then you are right, this is the exact tool for you.


For using the system you just have to enter any combination of keywords that you want.


Then you can filter in different ways!


This checkbox will allow you to get content that its currently being payed on Youtube Truview PPC Network:


Then you must click on the big RED button and give it some minutes.


This is the data you can preview on the yellow button:



You will get a rate of 1 video per second. This will not break any ToS from Youtube and you get all the juice from the rankings on certain searches.


We’ve got #401 results on the search for linkedin.

Now lets go to export it to a CSV which is the best way of handling data for Importing or Exporting from any data system.

You will have to choose a folder where you want to save the .csv file:
Click the Choose File button


Then select a folder where to save your file, name it with a csv extention.


Finally just click on:


And check where you saved your file and open it with Excel or Open Office.
Declare that the data is separated with a comma if the software do not automatically recognize data handled.

And this is how you will see it on a Spreadsheet:



 The new Rank Tracker is Here!

Track the position of the results of the video you specify. Add a list of keywords to keep tracking on improvements.

You can build countless campaigns to keep tracking of all the SERPs inside Youtube

You wil be able to use proxys and set the timeouts for Rank Tracking

Planned updates:

  • Multithreaded for multiple keywords.
  • Google Keyword Suggestion
  • Integrated Local Database to store results and make comparisons between dates.
  • Graphics and statistics to display improvements.
  • Rank Tracker
  • Future connection with Web App and Big Data from all our users.




BUY NOW for only $23.49 usd (the price will increase on newest versions, it was $7 before the Rank Tracker) and get advantage of our unlimited updates for being one of the first clients.